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We are looking for people with talent.

We are a company that seek excellence and wants to offer maximum quality and satisfaction to our customers.

About Us

DIVAIN team is born from an illusion to create, innovate and learn.
We are a young, dynamic, proactive, close team with extensive experience in the digital world.

Our history

We are formed by different verticals that respond to the needs of the market.
We are in continuous growth.

Active offers

If your profile fits what we are looking for and you are motivated with a desire to learn
We are looking forward to seeing you in this Special Mini-webinar!

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Who are.

We dare with everything. No project is too ambitious. We create new lines of business, continuously transforming ourselves.

Divaine Team

What we seek.

We want new talents who get involved with our projects and want to be part of this team. We are looking for you!

We want you to bet on us, as we will do with you. We believe in innate potential.


growth in the last year.

Join our team

We want to know more about you. Tell us what your area of ​​excellence is and what you can contribute to the team.


what you think our team.

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May 18, 2022
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March 31th, 2022
Posted by miriamdivain
March 31th, 2022


what do you we offer.

We want you to bet on us, as we will do with you. We believe in innate potential.

Continuing Education

Grow with us, boost your career.
Learn something new every day.

Discounts on our products

For all employees, so you can enjoy
of them with a price reduction.

Corporate social responsibility

We care about the planet and carry out Planet First actions.
We also collaborate with various NGOs. We want to create a better world!


Work from wherever you want! We are closer than
never thanks to technology and we believe in remote work.

Flexible payroll compensation

We advance your payroll with a single click, without any surcharge.
You no longer have to wait for the end of the month!

Private health insurance

We care about your health.
That's why we want to make sure you're always well taken care of.

Innovational projects

We use the latest technology to develop
projects at the height of the market.


Our history.

DIVAINteam It is made up of several verticals that respond to the needs of the market. We have been able to adapt, using technology to our advantage.

The achievements we have achieved are due to a strong and united team, with leaders who know how to see the potential of people.

Divain Parfums has more than 5 years of national and international projection. We want to democratize the world of perfume, and make great brands accessible through equivalent fragrances.

Divain Bouquet brings us a world of color through floral designs. It has natural bouquets, plants and preserved compositions that will bring joy to your life and help you express love without words.

Momi Kala specializes in the sale of silver jewelry. Her pieces have been selected by expert jewelers from all over the world.

Divainfeel specializes in the selection and sale of sex toys that satisfy you the most, because nobody knows you better than yourself.

The moment you settle into your new home, life is filled with tranquility.
We specialize in long-term rental, while you are rented you will enjoy a modern and updated home to contemporary technological times.
DIVAINPROPERTIES, we are not a real estate company.