My first month of years

We continue with our #StoriesDivain section in which we are going to introduce little by little our great team of DIVAINteam SL 🎈🎆

Today, we introduce you to a recent great addition Diego Parente Veiga, our digital strategy expert.

Diego is our Chief Digital Officer, he joined our staff on February 07, 2022 and has already celebrated his first month with us and we are sure he will celebrate many more.

We are very happy that Diego is with us and we greatly appreciate the great contribution he is making in DIVAINteam SL!

He tells us how his first month of many years at DIVAIN was:

"Only a month after my incorporation, I have the feeling of spending years in this great family. It is a clear example of a company focused on its employees: telecommuting (no matter where you work from, you are welcome here), flexible working hours, training, and much more. The client, another of the main points, is present in all the decisions that are made. Being a 100% digital company with exponential growth challenges you to stay up to date with all the latest developments in the market, test the most risky strategies... and all this with a multicultural team, decentralized in terms of workplace and 200 % involved".

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