An amazing journey

We continue with our #HistoriasDIVAINteam section, in which we will gradually introduce our great team of DIVAINteam SL  🎈🎉.

Today, we introduce you to our financial director; Luis Galdón Ramos, we take the opportunity to congratulate you on the 4 months of work in our organization 🎂.

Luis is our Chief Financial Officer, he joined our staff on January 18, 2022 and today celebrates his fourth month with us and we are sure there will be many more.

He tells us in his own words:

“This week marks my first 4 months at DIVAINteam and it feels like I've been a lifetime. It is a pleasure to work with a young company where talent and the desire to learn and grow all at the same time predominate, with great enthusiasm and affection from everyone.

It is a pleasure to be able to share and be part of this "JOURNEY" that the company is carrying out with great growth and development at a global level, full of challenges and great objectives.

Thanks to DIVAINteam for letting me be part of this small (big) family.”

We are very happy that Luis is part of our great family and we greatly appreciate his great contribution and dedication in DIVAINteam SL !! 💪🏼

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